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Trade Union of influencers

If you see this article, and you are a Micro-influencer, you’re invited to Web3 Trade Union of Influencers, Metabook value exchange.

Metabook is the first mechanism of counting reputation and sharing revenues from digital innovations mass adoption. We validate influencers by sustainable consciousness and transparency. Be among 100k influencers in Metabook Trade Union

How influencers can increase results up 5000%
Health-Wealth method

All waitlisted influencers, committed to the main Ethical Principle "Do not harm", will be invited to promote NFT collection “Top 200 health innovations” and drive voting on Lifetime Award Rating of COVID technologies.
The NFT collection of TOP 200 health innovations is a truly historic work! Influencers could stop the pandemic, if waitlisted to vote for TOP of validated COVID technologies.
To participate in Lifetime Award NFT program, register here and on

About us and our Mission
Metabook value exchange Mission is to make a transparent Reputation mechanism, with Ethical principles, for influencers, for solving problems of the entire creator economy.
Co-founders of Metabook are rooted in FEIRA (Future Europe Investment Rating Association). We were doing business with Bernard Lietaer, ex-head of European Central Bank, co-founder of, one of the most impactful blockchain projects in 2017. And we partner with HealthTrust / HealthCode / Aimedis platforms for health innovations.
The Metabook - HealthTrust mission practically means that we create an international Health-Wealth blockchain platform, for the decentralized distribution of innovative technologies in the health and Metaverse area.
Metabook platform is a community-driven Reputation platform. Everything that can be changed is under the control of our governance Board of Gatekeepers.

The first candidate to the position of Chair of Board of Gatekeepers is getting a tentative $2 M smart contract, conditioned by the Metabook HealthThrust revenues (he is supposed to get 1% of revenues).
His contract, as well as contracts of other members, is a mechanism of guarantee for the Metabook platform.
Join Trade Union
NFT uprising trends: growth 9000 times, repeating the Bitcoin case

Get up to 5100% more revenues!

Per post, you charge around $200 (if you have 10k followers)

In Metabook NFT Affiliate, you'd get up to $22 400 Lifetime Revenues from one average NFT promoted:
  • 10 - 30% from average $2000 NFT sale = around $ 400 in first month
  • Plus 10% from reselling on the price that could be 10 times more = $2000 your royalty. You keep your royalty from all following resells!
  • Plus optional royalty from licensing the NFT rights to studios, brands, for use on merchandise, or games. or Metaverse. Up to $20 000 in 20 years
Are you a Micro-influencer?
Guaranteed by the most secure blockchain algorithm, zksync

As a micro-influencer with 10 k followers, you'd be able to sell around 40 NFTs,
with a potential revenue up to $896 000 for all of them, in 10 - 20 years.

It all depends on your choice of right NFTs!
Some NFTs could reach $ Millions in reselling price, and you'll keep your 10%!

Leverage your

audience to win

NFTs provide another avenue for influencers to profit beyond brand partnerships and collaborations. For lifestyle, arts, and fashion influencers, NFTs offer a way to sell exclusive content. Gaming influencers can also sell gaming items to their followers as NFTs


Better Engagement Rates for Micro-Influencers Than for the Superstars, translates into aligned revenues for Micro-Influencers



As an influencer, you can leverage your audience to team up with NFT creator and share royalties from the outcome
"a powerful pathway to bring crypto to the next billion users"


Finding new NFTs and collections is often overwhelming with thousands being minted every single day. With the help of Metabook you can start browsing NFTs wherever you are — during the bus or subway ride, shopping with your girlfriend, just open up your smartphone and start swiping
Metabook is an automated platform for brands to reach most relevant influencers, communicate with them and manage campaigns using real-time analytics
With us, you earn and keep earning on all your content. Channel your audience into our ever-active community on Twitter, Instagram and Telegram to begin this potentially lucrative journey
Metabook NFT RoadMap
Q3, 2022
Q3, 2022
Metaverse Reserve system with influencer-triggered crowdvoting
Airdrop of DAO Governance NFTs to Ambassadors and Backers in 20 countries.
Global XR marketing platform launch
Q4, 2022
Q4, 2022
Training with no advance payment for agents in 100 countries
$MAA Token emission: half-priced and BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) pre-sales of partners' products.
40 events promoting distribution of top rated innovations.
IDO, clearing transactions of freelancers with clients on Metabook.
Top-tier companies and 0,7 mln users to be onboarded
Q1, 2023
Q1, 2023
Metabook Plato Data exchange covering 5 industries
Launching XR/VR showrooms in 20 countries, and DAO network in 100
countries, selling top-rated innovative products BNPL
Q2, 2023
Q2, 2023
Launch of Showrooms in 80 countries, connected to ORDERBOOK and DAO
Q3, 2023
Q3, 2023
DAO clans voting for innovations promo/ testing, to be delivered in Showrooms and at events (to 3 mln.Buy Now Pay Later clients)
Q4, 2023
Q4, 2023
Vesting / sales of the rest of DAO's Gov.NFTs, and vesting of Tokens from Reserve to the most active Metabook agents
  1. What is doing Metabook?
Metabook is a collection of services for the NFT and VR market, the base for Metaverse economics.

First fully-fledged multi-chain NFT SMM Platform, with proven effectiveness, and partners: Picsart, Xsolla, zksync
NFTinder offers limited “tickets” to get influencers endorsing NFT, and one million micro-influencers choose who to promote, getting 10% of sales
Healthcode TV promo + NFT incentives + vesting of the best coaches (shares in local Labs) able to aggregate millions of influencers/coaches, and consolidate all the demand on both NFT and health innovations areas
2. What are the differentiators of Metabook?
First influencer-backed NFT SMM Platform that integrates 3 partner services
NFT matchmaking with influencers: increasing your NFT value.
Metabook is making it easy:
To create NFT with the lowest costs on the market!
To place NFTs on multi-chains, to be promoted by influencers, on revenue sharing base
3. Who will help me, as an influencer, to earn on NFT and innovations mass adoption?
Backer, the most active users of, will help you. You're supposed to get in touch with Metabook Backer, which fit you.
We offer influencers Swap&Stake program: influencers gain from NFTs they’ve validated, putting the future fees as collateral in Liquidity pool.

Your Backer also participates in your Swap&Stake program, getting 5% from the stacked blank value. 
For storing and cross-chain transfer of your reputation, you need a crypto wallet. You need your wallet attached to Discord and you will earn Discord server badges. When Metabook NFT wallet launched, those badges could be added to your on-chain collection. 
4. What are revenues of and what is the mechanism of sharing with contributors?
Since the late January, NFT traders will be able to buy a share of Metabook’s “NFT collections endorsed by Influencers”. 
 Influencer, platform’s and community royalties: options in “NFT generation”: user can choose the price, and the share offered to influencer for leadgen (10 or 15%), platform (5%) and Gatekeepers (5%).

Other revenues.
Marketing revenues-backed Liquidity pools of NFTs, validated by both Gatekeeper Board and influencers. Validation implies the committed influencers accounts’ escrowing as a collateral. Thus, Metabook will have fiat liquidity for crediting NFT owners, and they will be able to buy products from our partners, on special conditions. Part of our revenues goes to committed influencers as reward for retaining their money. 
5. What is the perspective of Metabook as the backbone of crypto and Meraverse economy?
NFTs are the base for Metaverse economics, as well as the others industries, with a $10T turnover in 2029.
Since we already have 560 403 influencers in our base, Metabook is able to make monopolization of influencer marketing. Not only on NFT but on the entire digital economy! creates a base of future agents.
You would become Curator of influencer, sharing future revenues, secured on smart-contract on Metabook blockchain.
Join the Waitlist now!
6. What is the perspective of Metabook?
Web3 is based on the premise that each person will have a unique internet identifier that can be natively linked to any piece of asset and stored on a blockchain. Metabook is the first reputation platform doing the Processing of Identification and reputation data, globally.
Compared with corporations, Metabook is open, transparent and is sharing 90% of revenues.
Validation of users' reputation is a crucial mechanism for Metaverse! Once all this identity data has been recorded on-chain, we’ll need systems in place to map and interpret it so that it makes sense to the wallet holder and those they interact with. 
Since crypto wallets are also used for NFT transactions, the Metabook-validated wallets will accrue only validated data. 
Because of different facets of a person’s identity, it makes sense to store one’s relevant activities and contributions in a single wallet. Web3 users, as NFT owners, backers, need some way to take parts of their decentralized identity and showcase them in different digital spaces to distinct audiences. Metabook will be the central platform for the validation of users' reputation.

All waitlisted influencers, committed to the main Ethical Principle "Do not harm", will be invited to promote NFT collection “Top 200 health innovations” and drive voting on Lifetime Award Rating of COVID technologies
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